Recipe Development

Want help in developing mouth watering recipes to bring out the best in your product?

Need to meet a specific nutritional goal, or number of ingredients?  

Want a recipe developed with the latest flavor forward?

We can write and test anything from a simple "food concept” using three to five ingredients, to creating a recipe box of tasty dishes making your product the flavor forward. Then, assist with styling a photography or video shoot.

Contact us for ideas, estimates, and timelines.

"Caramel Date & Honey Swirled Ice Cream" for Natural Delight Medjool Dates

"Fall Fruit Tortellini Salad” for Artisola

"Cheese Tortellini & Bacon Stuffed Roasted Butternut Squash” for Three Bridges

"Spicy Grilled Peach Chicken" for California Cling Peaches

"Cuban Glazed Grilled Chicken Bowl" for Natural Delight Medjool Dates

"Peach Smoothie Bowl" for California Cling Peaches

"Cranberry Orange Granola Clusters" for Natural Delight Medjool Dates

"Wilted Kale & Chicken Salad" for Foster Farms